#MiTIME to capture to celebrate to treasure to shine to run a PB


Personalised Event Medals

We engrave personalised information on event medals.

We personalise emotional moments in time because we believe achievement should be captured, celebrated and treasured with a momento that stands the test of time.

How it Works

Explained in 80seconds! 


Melbourne Marathon Festival


A seamless ribbon attachment with MiTIME insert applied. Attachment comes in two sizes to fit all ribbon widths and  comes in Gold, Silver and Bronze. 


The latest innovation from MiTIME. The MiSTAND transforms from the postage housing for the MiTIME insert, to a keepsake medal stand to display the medal. This media unlocks an opportunity for events to customise the graphic and content displayed. 

Step 1

Posted in a MiTIME custom envelope

Step 2

Housing to transport MiTIME insert

Step 3

Open to reveal the MiTIME insert

Step 4

Transform into a keepsake medal MiSTAND

“One thing I’ve found in Triathlon is that it costs you a lot of money to stay up to date with the latest tech, be it bike related, wetsuits, running gear and race shoes. Not to mention all those race entries!

You don’t get much back compared to what you put in. There are few companies that put their hand up and are willing to support athletes that are trying to make it to the top level.

Thankfully, MiTime have supported me financially, and this support has helped assist me with race entries and race day gear.”

David Fawkes

Professional Triathlete

Our Happy Customers